Friday, June 5, 2015

The Meltdown Challenge

My coach asked me if I wanted to join this online Meltdown Challenge. Any of you that know me know I am super motivated by competition. Even competition against myself which is all this really is. You weigh in before the 14th of the month by sending a picture of your scale readout in (don't worry it's kept private) and then you try to either maintain your weight or lose 4% by the end of the month. You get points for this, but you also get points for logging your daily exercise and food. The best part is you get points for reading very short snippets or watching videos about health. It only takes a couple minutes a day and it is a constant reminder on why you need to get and stay healthy. If anyone want to join me it's not to late to join this month. Just go to Join Me and you will be on my team so we can encourage each other. it's ~$20 to join but if you stick with it and get your points everyday you should get most if not all of your money back.
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