Monday, June 29, 2015

Safe Pet Care on the 3rd and 4th of July

Those of you with creative children please make some posters to put up at local fireworks venues.

Please read and share with any neighbors who have their animals housed outside even part of the time.
The time around 4th of July is when the most dogs and cats come into any shelter. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it. Often there is a painful, violent and sometimes deadly outcome.

And we are all too busy and multi-tasking.
Bring any animal inside please. Ideally the house, an inside room like an interior bathroom, play some music/play a video, crate them if necessary. I have a few crates available now and if you contact our site I will try to loan you one of mine or secure one for you.
If they are used to being outside please try to dog or cat proof the room. If it’s a bathroom remove the towels, tp, check for any glass bottles of toiletries, etc. Laundry or bedroom, remove anything loose, breakables, create a nest and block any windows. Remove any cleaners, detergents from the animal’s space. If you put them in the garage be sure plant food and fertilizer are not easy access…again, block windows, they WILL climb to a window to escape.

Some calming ideas:

1. Shirts: you don’t have to spend money for the Thunder shirt or the Kong shirt if you don’t want to or you have multiple animals. Simply doing some sort of figure 8 Ace bandage type wraps around the dog, under tummy, around shoulders gives a swaddling effect. This can also be accomplished by putting on a cotton t-shirt with or without sleeves, not the stretchy kind somewhat tightly on the dog. It will loosen up. The dog’s body is in a sort of tube swaddling garment. This is an idea from Tellington TTouch and what the certified instructor who volunteers at our local shelters teaches. Check the website for videos, examples of shelter dogs and others.

2. Benadryl: For Dogs/Not CATS! I am not a vet but Benadryl is usually safe for most dogs. Consult your vet for proper dosage. Dogs in general can use anything human for first aid….cats cannot. They have to have special feline drugs because their livers are different.

Always: Be sure you animal is microchipped or has current ID on the collar. If you are visiting from out of town or plan to take your dog with you do a temporary ID with your cell phone/local phone number if the permanent one is different always. Secure well to the collar.
BBQ/Picnic safety: bones, onions, garlic, grapes, currants, raisins, avocado, citrus oil, gum, dark chocolate(esp), macadamia nuts, alcohol, tasty used bamboo skewers or aluminum foil used for grilling can harm dogs.
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