Friday, February 19, 2016

Round the world trip

I wanted to see if I could create a RTW trip for under $2000 USD to places I actually wanted to visit. I wanted as close to a week at each stop as I could get. I live in Sacramento but for most International flights I drive to San Francisco.  So that’s where my trip begins.

San Francisco (SFO) to Montreal (YUL) — Wed, Mar 30
San Francisco (SFO) to Detroit (DTW) — Wed, Mar 30
Delta 1148
Dep: 10:25 pm
Arr: 6:02 am
4h 37m
Boeing 757
Economy (V)
Layover in DTW
Thu, Mar 31
1h 23m
Detroit (DTW) to Montreal (YUL) — Thu, Mar 31
Delta 4127
Dep: 7:25 am
Arr: 9:13 am
1h 48m
Canadair RJ 900
Economy (V)
Total cost for 1 passenger


 After a week visiting Canada and learning a little French I travel over to France for 6 days.
Montreal (YUL) to Paris (CDG) — Wed, Apr 6
Air Transat 396
Dep: 7:25 pm
Arr: 8:15 am
6h 50m
Airbus A330
Economy (X)
Thu, Apr 7
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $364.94 USD

My husband is Italian and off we go to visit his family for 6 days because honestly who can spend more than a week with family?

Paris (ORY) to Pisa (PSA) — Tue, Apr 12
Paris (ORY) to Copenhagen (CPH) — Tue, Apr 12
Norwegian Air Shuttle 3639
Dep: 9:35 pm
Arr: 11:30 pm
1h 55m
Boeing 737
Economy (Q)
Layover in CPH
6h 30m
Copenhagen (CPH) to Pisa (PSA) — Wed, Apr 13
Norwegian Air Shuttle 3736
Dep: 6:00 am
Arr: 8:20 am
2h 20m
Boeing 737
Economy (X)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $130.10 USD

I’ve seen movies and heard stories but let’s visit the ramparts of Morocco for ourselves. Bonus: We will overnight in London – Big Ben here I come. Crumpet’s and tea anyone?


Pisa (PSA) to Marrakech (RAK) — Mon, Apr 18
Pisa (PSA) to London (LGW) — Mon, Apr 18
British Airways 2601
Dep: 3:50 pm
Arr: 5:05 pm
2h 15m
Airbus A319
Economy (O)
Layover in LGW
21h 40m
London (LGW) to Marrakech (RAK) — Tue, Apr 19
British Airways 2666
Dep: 2:45 pm
Arr: 6:30 pm
3h 45m
Airbus A320
Economy (O)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $163.60 USD

From Morocco we travel on to Spain.
Marrakech (RAK) to Madrid (MAD) — Sat, Apr 23
Iberia 8379
Dep: 7:25 am
Arr: 10:15 am
1h 50m
Canadair RJ 1000
Economy (P)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $123.71 USD

I’m sure a week in Spain will only wet my appetite but off to Turkey I must go.  My mother spent time in Turkey when she was a teenager. She use to tell me stories of walking along the Bosphorus and how beautiful it was. According to her she even dated a prince for a while.  I love my dad; however, seriously, you went from a Turkish prince to him?

Madrid (MAD) to Istanbul (IST) — Sat, Apr 30
Madrid (MAD) to Athens (ATH) — Sat, Apr 30
Aegean Airlines 687
Dep: 12:55 pm
Arr: 5:35 pm
3h 40m
Airbus A320
Economy (P)
Layover in ATH
1h 35m
Athens (ATH) to Istanbul (IST) — Sat, Apr 30
Aegean Airlines 994
Dep: 7:10 pm
Arr: 8:30 pm
1h 20m
Airbus A319
Economy (P)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $115.30 USD


Two of my three staff grew up in China and I’m always hearing both good and bad stories about the country. Besides after I see the ramparts of Morocco I’m going to have to see the great Wall of China.

Istanbul (IST) to Shanghai (PVG) — Thu, May 5
Istanbul (IST) to Moscow (SVO) — Thu, May 5
Aeroflot 2137
Dep: 2:55 pm
Arr: 6:20 pm
3h 25m
Airbus A321 (Sharklets)
Economy (N)
Layover in SVO
2h 15m
Moscow (SVO) to Shanghai (PVG) — Thu, May 5
Aeroflot 208
Dep: 8:35 pm
Arr: 10:10 am
8h 35m
Boeing 777
Economy (N)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $322.44 USD

After a month and a half and 8 countries, I will be ready for my own bed again. I hope my dogs will remember who I am. I know my cat will pretend she doesn’t. 

Shanghai (PVG) to San Francisco (SFO) — Thu, May 12
Shanghai (PVG) to Guangzhou (CAN) — Thu, May 12
China Southern 3614
Dep: 8:45 pm
Arr: 11:20 pm
2h 35m
Airbus A320
Economy (K)
Layover in CAN
13h 10m
Guangzhou (CAN) to San Francisco (SFO) — Fri, May 13
China Southern 657
Dep: 12:30 pm
Arr: 10:10 am
12h 40m
Boeing 787
Economy (Z)
Total cost for 1 passenger

This is $550.36 USD

My total RTW flight cost for 8 countries (yes, I’m counting England) comes to $1929.58 USD
So I did it 8 countries for under $2000. AWESOME!