Friday, May 10, 2019

You are NOT Alone

I was told that one of the biggest problems that kids face in school these days is bullying. However, I think that it's been a problem since the very first school opened it's doors to the caveman children.
I remember 40 years ago being teased for what I looked like (I was a girl that looked very much like a boy), and I was teased for what I wore (my parents were poor so my clothes all came from the thrift store or hand me downs). It made me feel ugly. I remember going home, crying to my mom and feeling alone because no one else was being teased like me. It's a horrible feeling when those mean words come out.
I know that you might feel like you are insecure, or alone, or you might feel that someone is being mean to you…but that's the thing, you are not alone!
Raise your hand if you have been bullied or you know someone who has been bullied. Look around you at the hands in the air, you are not alone. Each and every one of you have a voice.  (You can put your hands down).
How can you stop the fighting and bring more respect into your school? Be kind, help one another on this journey to becoming a grown up. If you see someone alone, go sit with them. If you hear someone say mean things, go stand next to the kid they are being mean to so that kid knows they aren't alone. Stick-up for each other, talk to your teachers, and talk to your parents about it.
Treat everyone like you want to be treated, and the world will be a better place.

And you will realize that “You are NOT Alone” .

Friday, January 11, 2019

Public Transit Stories: Why Am I Starting This Blog

Public Transit Stories: Why Am I Starting This Blog: I ride public transit to work and back. Almost everyday there is something funny or weird happening on board.  I am constantly saying I want...

Monday, October 15, 2018

Where will you be for the Holidays?

Cool sign in Murphys, CA

This morning Kevin left for South Lake Tahoe again. He's been working up there on a remodel. Poor him, right? I use to love having time to myself but now that I have 3 other adults in the house; even when Kevin leaves I don't have time to myself.  I thought about calling in sick and going with him but honestly I'd feel guilty doing that.  Darn conscious. 

I'm getting excited about my Thanksgiving weekend drive.   I plan on stopping at Roadside America stops along the way.  Check it out, the app makes almost any drive more interesting. I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Nampa  with family. Sat morning I'll drive over to Twin Falls to have lunch with another cousin who I haven't seen in 20 years before driving back.

North Pole, AK
Our 2015 Visit

Right before Christmas I'm flying to the North Pole to watch a couple of dogs for 2 weeks. Yes, I'm spending Christmas in North Pole, Alaska. Seriously, how cool is that? Pun intended. It will be around -30F while I'm there. Also I'll only see sunlight from around 10am to 2pm.  That's 4 hours people. I have a feeling that my brain will be thinking it's midnight when it's probably only 7pm. If you know me though, you know I love "experiences" and this will be one for the books.  At least my closest relatives will be only 20 min away in Fairbanks. The best part is the Northern Lights. The chance of me seeing them is super high since I'll be there for 2 weeks and it will be cold and dark 20 hours per day. 

Where are you going for the holidays? Comment below...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I'm NOT Ready

I’m not ready to say good bye to another animal already. My cat is very sick and I had to rush her to the emergency room yesterday morning. Last year we lost 2 dogs and my dad. I’m not ready for more death.

My life has not been perfect but it has been pretty good the last few years. I met Kevin when I was 39. That is a long time to wait for love but I’m so glad we found each other. Things have been going well with some pretty bad bumps but always moving forward.  I think I'm stalling because I am not ready to write these next words.

OK, here goes… in Dec I was diagnosed with a meningioma, aka a brain tumor. It's small and not really affecting me yet. However, I'm 46 and when my mom was 48 she died of a brain tumor the size of a baseball. Again, mine is more like a marble so I should feel blessed, right?  Then why do I always feel like I'm on the edge of going insane.  I want people who know to stop asking me how I'm doing. What do you think I'm going to say, the truth? Hell no, I suck it up and smile and say, "I'm great".

But guess what, I'm not great. I don't want you to feel my pain though. Seriously, I know there is nothing you can do to make me feel better so I don't want to drag you down with me. You are probably wondering what my next step is. I'm still waiting to here what it will be too.

I have 3 options according to my neuro surgeon. The good, the bad, and the ugly:

  1. Do Nothing
    1. Good: No immediate side effects
    2. Bad: Have annual MRI's and always wonder what's going on in my brain
    3. Ugly: It grows larger and treatment gets more invasive
  2. Radiation
    1. Good: Minimal side effects
    2. Bad: My face has to be clamped down for 30 min while laser beam is aimed at my head.
    3. Ugly: I could lose my sense of smell
  3. Craniotomy
    1. Good: It's gone for sure
    2. Bad: I will have a scar in my hairline.
    3. Ugly: I will lose my sense of smell

What does all this mean? It means I will be fine. The waiting is the hardest part. The surgeon recommended the radiation treatment and I said Yes. So that was January 4th. He said he had to present it to the panel and would get back to me. They meet every other Thursday and today is the 3rd Thursday. I am waiting eagerly by my cell in hopes that I receive a call saying we are good to go. Then a new form of waiting will take its place. I will need more MRI’s and to have that face mask made. Then actually schedule the radiation. That’s a lot of waiting. I keep looking at my calendar to see if there is a weekend I can just run away but there isn’t. I have to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.  Speaking of moving forward, tomorrow I’m supposed to take the Supervisor exam. You guessed it, I’m not ready.