Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What? No Coffee?

Just received an email from Pastor Clark telling us the water we will drink is rain water collected off the roofs. That’s extremely cool; I hope I get a big roof since I drink a gallon of water a day on slow days.

However the 2nd part of the email freaked me out: “… they are big Tea drinkers so if anyone has coffee addictions they should go through withdrawals BEFORE the trip please!”


From the tone of the email the tea is not caffeinated and this must have been a problem in the past. OK 1st of all my drinking coffee is actually to keep me off Ritalin and is approved my by doctor. Secondly, I can’t go off it before the trip as I have a job I need to go to everyday and get work done. I have tried to work without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Hmm, as a matter of fact today is one of those days and its 9am and I am distracted and blogging when I should be working. OK, better get a “cup o’ joe” and get back to work.
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